Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Made it to Japan...

Flight was long, but bearably so. Unfortunately we didn't make it onto the NEx until the 7:13 train, so it was dark out during the ride. I was sad to miss the wind roaming the rice paddies, but maybe on the way back out we'll see it.

I wanted to write something here about renting cell phones in Japan, because it was a big question mark for us when we came out, and the information I was able to glean from the web was very limited. There are a couple of places that offer to rent cell phones, but prices are quite high. Not that cell phone usage is cheap otherwise here... But it turns out that the lowest advertised price we saw for cell phone rental on the web was higher than the lowest price we were able to obtain at a kiosk at Narita. So if you are flying to Japan and don't already know this, don't worry about it - you don't need to do something from home; just rent when you get here.

Andrea has a cell phone already, but I've yet to get mine. Hers has the most astonishingly obnoxious ring I've yet encountered. You can hear it on her blog.


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