Monday, September 18, 2006

Truth or fiction...?

I'm at the airport in Tulsa now, waiting for my flight home. I stopped in a bookstore to see if they had anything for me, and noticed something really amusing (or terrifying, depending on how you want to read it): Tim LaHaye's books are all on the nonfiction rack, right above the bibles. I'm not certain how to interpret this.

This morning I did a bit of visiting, thanks to the nice Sandra. First we visited the coffee shop (priorities!). The coffee is still excellent, just like they make in Europe. Way better than they make in Tucson. Well, actually, that's not entirely fair, now that I think about it - it was a lot like the coffee at the B-Line diner. Something to keep in mind.

The next stop was the new digs for Grandma Carrie. She's staying in the new wing of Wood Manor nursing home, which was finished just a couple of months ago. It's very nice. She's in a double room, but there's a partition so that the other resident isn't staring across the room at her. They seem to be taking good care of her. She was in high spirits, happy to see me. She talked a bit about her wind power projects, and then about how they used to farm when she was a kid, and all the stuff they had to do to keep house. Sounded like a lot of work.

Then we stopped in at Cheri's lab and visited for a while. It's a really nice facility. Cheri started working there recently after having commuted to Tulsa for a long time. She's really happy with the change, and looking relaxed and well. She even volunteered to do the paperwork on the Toyota, which I thought was very generous of her.

The next stop was David's store, where Sandra wished her husband a happy birthday and got me a coke. One of the advantages of store ownership, I guess. They seem to be doing really well with the store - it's giving them a nice living, and not stressing David out.

Then we stopped at my mother's house, where Florence was feeding the squirrels. She calls it feeding the birds, but we know what the real deal is. There were three squirrels out there enjoying the bounty. They looked very happy, and very fat. Florence is looking happy and well; she has some health problems, but I despite that her life seems like it's a lot less stressful since she retired. I think she's working on being the next Saint Francis.

The line at airport security was really short. There was only one person in it - me. They didn't give me the third degree either, like I thought they would, since I'm flying one-way. Kind of an anti-climax. There's a new food court being built at the airport here, and even a Starbucks outside of security. It's kind of a silly place to put it, since you have to drink the latte before you go through. The degree of lameness in the new "no mushy or wet stuff" security regulations was really driven home by the fact that I had to toss the tube of toothpaste I bought in Santa Fe into the trash before going through security.


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