Thursday, April 13, 2006

What I feel I expressed poorly in my previous post is this: I'm not saying we need more Gandhis. Gandhi was a Great Man. Great Men don't make the world a better place. They try, sure, and you could say that change flows around them, but where the change comes from is not them, but from us.

Why did the civil rights movement work? Because lots of people, in droves and scads, said "stop. enough." People who were downtrodden. People who were not. People in power. People in poverty. A lot of people. That's how Satyagraha works too. It wasn't Gandhi who won India's independence - it was the people of India, hearing what Gandhi said and putting it into practice in their hearts, and in their daily lives.

Today, we are they. Real change comes from a place of honesty and fearless conviction - not from what we urge others to do, but from what we do ourselves.


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