Sunday, October 22, 2006

M.A.S.H. gourmet...

So here we are, out in Bowie. Yesterday we webcast a couple of classes, first Ven. Chukyi teaching Vinaya, and then Geshe Michael translating Uma Chidun and Uma La Jukpa. The webcast has been going well, but unfortunately not that many people are attending. I have lots of ideas for how to make the webcast more accessible. I need to implement them.

We've been leaving our weekend stuff (air mattress, sheets, etc.) at Susan and Deb's house in Bowie during the week so we don't have to schlep it all back and forth every weekend. Last night after translation class, we went down to Bowie to get it (it's about fifteen minutes from Diamond Mountain during the day, twenty at night because we go a lot slower to avoid running over critters). I was seriously on autopilot last night, so I missed the turnoff and we had to double back.

We get to the house, and it's dark. There's a light on in the back. Andrea knocks; nobody answers. The light is on in a room where people are sleeping. We don't have the key, and the front door is locked. What to do. Well, it turns out that I know a secret trick to break in without doing any damage (I won't detail it here, for security reasons). So I broke in. I'm just down into the room where the stuff is, and Alison, Susan's sister, finally decides that maybe she should go investigate these noises she's been hearing. Sigh. At least Yeshe (the toddler) didn't wake up. Alison was a bit freaked out, but very understanding. We absconded with our bedding and went back to where we're staying at DM.

So for the rest of the night (it was about 9:00 at this point) I hacked on style sheets for this django project I'm working on, which was a reasonably nice change from doing webcasting. I'm enjoying it quite a bit, although UI design is not exactly my strong point, to which Andrea will happily attest (she's is an expert). The nice thing is that my django skills are getting a lot stronger, so that I can just decide to do something and make it happen instead of having to read through the documentation each time I try to do something.

This morning after a brief yoga practice I went down to the Nectar Lounge. The Nectar Lounge is the new DM student center. Eventually it's supposed to be an actual building, but for now it's a tent. It looks very much like one of those M.A.S.H. army tents, possibly a bit smaller. I suspect it is actually military surplus. From the outside it looks like it's going to be really depressing inside, but then you go inside and there's raised wooden floor, with couches, chairs, coffee tables, a bar with stools, a big display refrigerator with munchies inside, a six-burner professional cookstove, a sink, and a counter in the middle for chopping veggies.

On the weekends, as a fund-raising measure, Jerome is making breakfast for anyone who's interested. This morning the featured breakfast was a sort of Huevos Rancheros thing - corn tortillas with cheese melted in, scrambled eggs on top, fresh salsa on top of that, and an avocado floret on top. It looked like a work of art, but not enough so that I was willing to forgo eating it. Sort of like a sand mandala, I guess. Anyway, it was so good it would almost have been worth driving out from Tucson to have one. Fortunately we were already here. But it's a nice touch. I guess as a tie-in to my last posting, the service was great. :')