Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lots of pictures.

Getting tired of rice paddies yet?

This is a tree I really like amongst the rice paddies behind the teaching venue.

Rice paddy and mountain, behind the teaching site. DonĀ“t be fooled by that big cloud in the background: it's a mountain.

This is what a rice paddy actually looks like from the top. They get a lot thicker than this - the ones I've seen in Japan completely obscure the water. I think it's probably early in the season, at least for this planting.

I've been trying to get a good shot of this for several days - this is the first one that stuck. This is a view from the switchback above Chamunda Devi, looking back on Chamunda Devi. The white hotel you see to the right is one of the ones we checked out last week; Andrea and I might stay there next week.

This is the view of the road out the front window of the car. Yes, it's really that narrow. No, it's not a dirt road - it's paved. What you're seeing on the left is a two-foot-deep gutter running like a river with water. What you see in the middle is all the muddy water running down the pavement. It rains like this quite frequently in Dharamsala.

This is a view from the shortcut from our hotel to the temple, which is a narrow path at the top of a long series of stairs. I like this shot because you can see the temple road way down below. It's steeper here than it looks.

This is His Holiness' temple, shot from close to the same place as the previous shot. The temple is the building at the very top of the hill, with the trees.

This is Michael, going to town playing on the neck of his guitar.

This is a view from the balcony of our hotel.

This is a closeup of the same view - I think this is a school.


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