Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Long and Winding Road...

The Tikit tricked me again - I went out for a short ride and wound up up on Anklam Road and El Camino de la Oeste.
It's wily that way.It knew I would have a good time.It was right.

15.4 miles, I have no idea how long.

BTW, this is a trend - the other day, the weather was blustery, and the Tikit lured me out for a ride in the flood control area down by the Kino Sports Park (I'd just gone out to return some NetFlix videos). Later on it lured me out again, for a ride up to Borders, followed by a stop at the nice Yogurt place.

20 miles, wasn't keeping track of time.

What strange new adventures will the Tikit lure me out on next?