Saturday, April 15, 2006

A couple of really cool links, one artsy, one related to a practice that Buddhists sometimes do in retreat, where you do essentially dynamite your sleep schedule in order to be doing practice around the clock.

The art looks like the setting for Chimera; the sleep thing sounds like it might be worth trying on my next retreat, although on the other hand it might make you really lungy (loong gi), which is a real danger in retreat. You get all agitated, and ideas start popping out left and right; you can't sleep, and you start to experience mood swings. It's pretty nasty - something to avoid. Still, the idea of polyphasic sleep is intriguing.

Speaking of pronunciation, I think I only learned how to pronounce chimera when I was in my early thirties - it's one of those words you see written with some regularity, but almost never hear. At first I was pretty sure the person who spoke it to me was pronouncing it wrong. Kigh Mair uh. Weird.


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