Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sometimes when you're driving in the country, you might pass by some place where local folks are obviously gathered.   A place that looks like absolutely nothing on the outside, except that there are obviously a lot of people there.   I don't know about you, but I tend to be wary of places like this - everybody in the place knows each other; if I go in, how will they react?

So it's kind of funny to think about a tourist driving up the road to Fort Bowie, passing by the nectar lounge.   Which is basically a M.A.S.H. army tent with a yummy cafe in it.   If a stranger walks into this tent, which sometimes happens, they are welcomed with open arms; more like what you would expect at Callahan's than what you would expect out of some bar from Deliverance.

Right now I can hear the beat of some loud music from down there - not sure what's going on, but probably people are having fun.   There's a pancake breakfast today.   I'm about to wander down.   What triggered this thought was seeing a truck go by that I didn't recognize.   You see one or two of these a day - most of the vehicles are familiar, either from the fort or from someone at DM.

Life in the boonies...

[Turns out the drumming was an Apache blessing ceremony that was going on on a nearby mountaintop.   The pancakes were yummy, as usual.]


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